About Optimizer tools



Optimizer tools is a company focusing on making smart, intuitive and lean additions on top of Autodesk Revit.

Our team have a combined +100 years of experience in the AEC industry and employs profiles who are in charge of BIM operations as technical directors, managers, engineers, supporters, technicians and drafters.

Our field of expertise are different, but we all share the same passion and addiction for BIM. We embrace the digitalization of the AEC industry – and we are highly motivated to apply our lean way of thinking.

Our team also have experience as: BIM Managers, Structural-engineers, MEP-engineers, Site-supervisors, IT-technicians and developers. We know pretty much everything about BIM, VDC, CAD, VR, AR, Computational Design, Generative Design and AI. We understand the demands set in ICT-specifications, how these requirements or other various deliverables can be achieved by making project BIM execution plans.

Our team is experts within following fields:

  • how to make corporate standards
  • how to broaden and implements digitalization in small and large companie
  • how to make things operational
  • how to be boost efficiencies when it comes to automating error prone complex processes and
  • Turn data into products

We understand the importance of data, deliverables, the best ways of sharing it, and of course, the most practical ways of getting operational value out of it.


Optimizer tools developers and engineers are constantly in touch with customers.

We try our best to be focused on new approaches for innovative design processes and we are constantly in search for emerging technologies. This keeps us always alert for potential and meaningful development project that can impact the AEC industry. Contact us if you need any help to develop Autodesk Revit addins.

We have at least 20 addins in our pipe-line, stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter, if you want to be the first to know, when we release new freebies or new addins.

What are we currently working on?

  • Finalize and stress test new Revit and Navisworks addins
  • BIM360 additions
  • Task Management platform

Our Core Values

Our core value is to lead the transformation and digitization of AEC industry. BIM is an innovative technology and process that has transformed the way the AEC industry are doing design, analysis, construction and management. We believe that the design building process can be simplified and optimized with the power of technology.