The story of Optimizer tools

Optimizer tools is a start-up company that recently took a giant leap in collecting various trademarked Autodesk Revit addins under one roof.

Although we are a start-up company, our brand has existed for more than 5 years, just not in the new constellation of management as well as business and product managers. In fact, it all started with a few releases of add-ons in the Autodesk app store, developed cooperatively across countries and different AEC companies. The following years, the brand has evolved gradually as the demand of our tools has been massive. Especially after, we were awarded a prize for the best freebie tool in 2016 for Sheet duplicator. The success has been noticeable ever since. With the massive demand as a motivational factor, we have now taken the leap forward to organize ourselves into a more professional company. The result is what you see today. We have been 5 years in making of ourselves and it has been a long and difficult path to get there. We are happy and proud of our results and look forward to working with you out there.

Optimizer tools existence has from the beginning been a mix of burst of frustration and irritation at the lack of supreme Revit addins. The development of our apps has therefore been strongly guided by what we have generally lacked in this industry. The 3rd party addins we know of today have also been difficult to implement in everyday life because the complexity of the tools has been too high for many Revit users.

As leading employees in various companies, our teammembers and product managers have struggled to calculate ROI (return of investment) on various tools and often ended up with “waiting” in the hope of that somebody or someone will invent a tool that paves the way.
It never happened! Therefore, you see the becoming of Optimizer tools.

Welcome to a world of low complexity addins, high usability, high stability, flexible scalability, easy to implement and not least prices where everyone can join!