UN goals commitment

The story of the restructuring of our company has accelerated following the UN’s global goals for sustainable development adopted by the world’s leaders at the UN Summit, New York 2015.

The UN’s global goals consists of 17 individual goals and 169 sub-goals, which commit all UN’s 193 sovereign states to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, reduce inequalities, ensure good education and better health for all, decent jobs and more sustainable economic growth. They also focus on promoting peace and security and strong institutions, and on strengthening international partnerships.

We, at Optimizer tools have also in our vision to try to make our contribution to this amazing idea of a better world. From Optimizer tools, we want to help to put the joint effort towards a more sustainable development for both the people and the planet we live on. The way we do it is to share our apps, as we try to make your everyday life easier. If we make your everyday life easier, you will be more productive and therefore have the opportunity to rethink smart and ingenious solutions that you can implement in your projects. The extra dimension that you will give your project makes it more long-term and hopefully more sustainable.

Your work and our apps working together is therefore our joint contribution to the global goals. We wish you all good luck and success in your work.

Remember to think creatively, innovative, smart and not least sustainable. Work smarter not harder!