Clash Magic is the newest breed of addins in our fold of Revit addins. Clash Magic makes coordination between the different design disciplines easier, faster, simpler and more reliable. It is made for those, who are tired of performing clash detection outside of Revit and thinks that native Revit interference detection is not sufficient. We have made it so easy, that no one has to apologize for not running QA on their own Revit model.

The tool expands Revit’s own engine to identify clashes or interferences.

With this tool, you now have an all-time high-end addin that allows you to filter and sort types of clashes. You control the setup yourself by creating various tasks, which gives you great abilities to target types of wanted clashes. The tool utilize Revit’s own abilities to create filters, this makes the tool very simple to learn and use. You can color all clashes on either your 2D or 3D views which makes it much easier to identify and report clashes.

The task solution gives you furthermore the ability of being very specific when making self-interference control and multidisciplinary clash detection. What are you waiting for?!! It’s free, download it and try it for yourself.

By the way, you can benefit from using our Location Tool and use this fantastic tool to create location-based clash detection. Need help? feel free to contact us by using our contact form.

Yes… we all know, how time consuming it is to work with revisions in Revit and keeping track of them. Using this simple tool, you’ll definitely save time to make revisions clouds on your sheets and not miss any sheet that should get a revision cloud.

Click on an object, and the tool will register all sheets where the current object is visible, then add a revision to selected sheet(s) and the tool will create revision clouds on top of the sheet. It’s free… enjoy

We all know how time consuming and clumsy it is to change type name or family name of any certain family content in any Revit project.

Using this free tool we’ve made it easy for you…  Open the tool and select any family category. Afterwards you’ll get a complete list of both family and type names. 

Select the name you want to change and add text or change the existing name. Add prefix or suffix if needed. 

Click run, take a small break and otools will do the rest of the work for you.

With this tool you can generate many views in a very effective way and save time.

The tool records all types of views in your project, so you can choose whether you want “Duplicate”, “As depended”, “With detailing” and rename the existing views you already have in your model. In addition, you can choose to add prefix, suffix to the views and select number of copies of views you want.

With this tool you will certainly save many hours on your project. So what are you waiting for, it’s free, install it and get started.

Color Manager

Stop saying that I’ve seen it before! 

It cannot be compared to the other tools you have tried or seen.

With color manager tool you can easily color your objects in views, AND here you have the option to select specific parameters from specific objects and color those. The powerful rule-based configurator gives you control of what should be colored and what should not. Task configurator takes it a step further and enables you to re-use configurations from project to project and best of all run multiple jobs at once. We’ve made this tool free to our users, ENJOY!

Excel Export is a very simple plugin for Revit, enabling all Revit users the ability to export Autodesk Revit schedules to Excel.

This great freebie is for anyone who want to play around with Revit BIM data in Excel.

Visit Excel Import site if you want to import manipulated or enriched BIM data back to Revit.

Yet another freebie from Optimizer Tools, enjoy…

Excel Import is a very simple plugin for Revit, enabling all Revit users the ability to import previously exported Autodesk Revit schedules to Excel.

This great freebie is for anyone who want to play around with Revit BIM data in Excel.

Visit Excel Export site if you want to read about how you can setup Revit schedules to be exported to Excel.

Yet another freebie from Optimizer Tools, enjoy…

Synchronize, align and integrate BIM to your construction specifications using Word Link for Microsoft Word and free plugin to Autodesk Revit. The tool is your guarantee to align and secure a link between your 3D model and construction specification.

Optimizer Tools


Word Link


Align 3D models with your construction specifications


Drag'n drop BIM informations to Word


Get an overview of what is specified and what is not


Color code and visualize specified elements

NOW $79


$20 OFF

...made easy

Word Link by Optimizer Tools

work smarter not harder


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