Welcome to this demonstration on otools – Auto Revision



Otools Auto Revision is a tools that assists Revit users with adding revisions clouds and tags. Everyone who has worked with revision clouds on major projects know how time consuming it is to work with revisions in Revit and keeping track of them.

This simple tool assists you to save time when creating revisions clouds on your sheets but also give you an overview of which sheets to put revision clouds on.

Click on an object and the tool will register all sheets where the current object is visible, then add a revision to selected sheet(s) and the tool will create revision clouds on top of the selected sheet(s).

Add revision cloud and tag

  1. Select an object

  1. Open the otools ribbon and click on Auto Revision. Select Auto Revision.

  1. The tool will run all Sheets in current project and identify where selected element is visible.

  1. Configure where and what should be performed by selecting and/or filling-in necessary options

  1. Run the tool by clicking on Add Revision

Following message will appear when Revisions have been added to selected sheets.

  1. Click OK and view the added revision clouds by clicking any sheets

Example above shows applied revision cloud on Sheet number A2. Notice Properties for revisions clouds, and applied Comments.

  1. Toggle between Sheets and finalize applied revision clouds on each sheet. Close application when all revision clouds are placed.

Delete all revisions

  1. Open the otools ribbon and click on Auto Revision. Delete all revision.

  1. The tool will prompt user with following warning

  1. Click on Yes, if you want to delete all revision on current project.

Note: By accepting this, all revision on current project will be removed, incl. revision clouds and their tags.