Welcome to this demonstration on otools – Location



With this tool you can assign a specific parameter based on masses in Revit to the objects included in the specific Mass

Create Masses for define the location

It is recommended that you create your locations as masses in a linked file.

  1. Create a new file
  2. Link the architect model in the file and create Masses that define your areas of the project

Note: tools can ONLY handle rectangular Masses and Mass must not overlap.


  1. Click Link to display Mass In the link file

  1. Make a task
  2. Click Mass in the list
  3. Select categories to assign a parameter
  4. Click New Task
  5. Define parameter

  1. Choose the tasks you want to Run

  1. Click on the object and see the results in the OT_Location parameter

Extra functions

  1. If an object goes across two Masses you can choose Combine and it will write A + B in OT_Location parameter

  1. To add additional categories to the existing tasks, click on task, select the categories you want to add and click on “Add selected category to task”