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Create a new ribbon

Other feature


Move and copy



CoTab is an abbreviation Company Tab. The tool enables users to create a fully customizable ribbon.

The ribbon can contain one or several panels and each panel can contain a single button or several buttons.

Create a new ribbon

  1. Apply a ribbon name in the field of “Tab name”.
  2. Apply panel names in the field on “Panels”.         Main UI
  3. Select Button Type by clicking on the roll-down menu.Button Type

Type of buttons are as following:

    • Normal, single button in size 32×32 or 16×16
    • Pulldown, dropdown with locked icon. User can select to use icons or not. If icons are used, following sizes are supported 32×32 or 16×16
    • Split, dropdown icons where last used button is shown. User can select to use icons or not. If icons are used, following sizes are supported 32×32 or 16×16
    • Stack, stack of maximum 3 icons in size 16×16.
  1. Apply a button name and select a Parent

Parent types are as following:

    • Panel name, select available panel names
    • Pulldown name, select available pulldown names
    • Split name, select available split names
    • Stack name, select available stack names

When new name of any parent types are created, user must restart the application.

To restart click “OK” and start the application by clicking on CoTab – Settings button.

  1. When a parent is created, user can create actions to what the buttons should do.

Types of actions:

  • Open any file
  • Open any path of folder
  • Create a new mail
  • Open any URL
  • Keystroke
  1. Select icon or type path of iconSample 1

Currently only .png files are supported as icons.

  1. Select “See in temporary tab” to see ribbon. Only 5 temporary ribbons are supported.Ribbon Sample

Notice, temporary ribbon is named applied tab name followed by a number.

Restart Revit to enable buttons actions.

  1. Restart Revit and use your newly created ribbon

Pulldown example:

Pulldown Sample 1

Split example with 16×16 icons:

Split Sample 1

Split example with 32×32 icons

Split Sample 2

Other feature


User can launch any pre-installed addin or built-in feature using “Keystroke” feature.

This feature requires that Revit command is defined using Revit Keyboard Shortcuts. Eg. COM for Color Manager.

Keystroke Sample 1

To open Revit Keyboard shortcuts go to the “View” tab, open the dropdown menu “User Interface” and select “Keyboard shortcuts”

Example of such button type can be achieved by using following steps:

  1. Open “CoTab – Settings”
  2. Select Button type
  3. Give the button a name
  4. Select parent
  5. Type “Keystoke” followed by defined shortcut, eg. COMKeystroke Sample 2
  6. Click OK
  7. Restart Revit

Keystroke Sample 3


Move and copy

User can copy or delete any button setting by using following icons:

Copy button Copy icon

Delete button Delete icon (delete key is also supported)

User can move any button setting up/down in the list using following icons:

Move Up button Move up icon

Move Down button Move down icon