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Otools Excel Export is a very simple plugin for Revit, enabling all Revit users the ability to export Autodesk Revit schedules to Excel. This great freebie is for anyone who want to play around with Revit BIM data in Excel. Visit Excel Import site if you want to import manipulated or enriched BIM data back to Revit.


Export to Excel

  1. Open the Otools ribbon and select Excel Export, the tools is placed in the “Free Tools” panel.

Excel Export Button

  1. Select the schedule(s) by applying tickmark(s) in the left side of the interface.

Main UI

  1. Set settings for how you want the Excel file exported. Select between:
  • Single excel file, one tab per schedule
  • Excel file per schedule
  1. Click on Export
  2. Browse or select path for where to Save Excel file(s)



Other features

Click on the bar to activate sorting option. Eg. if “Schedule Name” is selected then all schedules are sorted in 0-9 & A-Z and vice versa.

Sorting In Main UI



Note 1

Not all Revit schedule configurations are supported. Excel Exporter only support 1 level of “Sorting/Grouping” found in each Revit Schedules Properties. If schedule is to be imported back to Revit then the tool can only work if “Itemize every instance” is tickmarked.


Note 2

Sample difference between “Single excel file, one tab per schedule”, and “Excel file per schedule” are illustrated below.

Single excel file, one tab per schedule:

Singe File One Tab Per Schedule

Excel file per schedule:

Excel File Per Schedule


Note 3

When saving excel file as “Single excel file, one tab per schedule” user can specify the name of the excel file, whereas if “Excel file per schedule” is utilized, then user must specify a prefix for the file names. The tool will then successively name the excel files with following naming convention: Prefix_“Revit Schedule Name”.

Sample Excel Files