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Otools Excel Import is a very simple plugin for Revit, enabling all Revit users the ability to import previously exported Autodesk Revit schedules to Excel. This great freebie is for anyone who want to play around with Revit BIM data in Excel. Visit Excel Export site if you want to read about how you can setup Revit schedules to be exported to Excel.


Import to Excel

  1. Open the Otools ribbon and select Excel Import, the tool is placed in the “Free Tools” panel.

  1. Click on Browse and select the Excel file you want to import data from

Main UI - Excel Import

When Excel file has been selected and opened, the tool will attempt to find a suitable Revit schedule that matches current Revit model schedule.

User can read about whether or not import is possible by viewing the Comments. If the comments indicated “Valid”, then import can be executed.

Note. You can only import Excel spreadsheets that has previously been exported using Otools Excel Export.


  1. Select the schedule(s) by applying tickmark(s) in the left side of the interface or use the “Check / Uncheck All button”, placed in the lower left corner.

Sample Excel Import

Amounts of available schedules depends on how the Excel spreadsheet has been created using Otools Excel Export.

  • Single excel file, one tab per schedule à can contain more than one selectable schedule
  • Excel file per schedule à can only contain a single selectable schedule


  1. Click Import and the tool will start to import Excel spreadsheets one by one



Not all Revit schedule configurations are supported. Excel Exporter only support 1 level of “Sorting/Grouping” found in each Revit Schedules Properties. If schedule is to be imported back to Revit then the tool can only work if “Itemize every instance” is tickmarked.