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Batch rename families



Otools Rename is a tools that assists Revit users to batch rename Revit families. The tool support renaming of families of either family name or type name.

This simple tool assists you to save time when any certain naming convention has to be applied on family- and type names.

Batch rename families

  1. Open the otools ribbon and click on Rename.

  1. Following user interface will appear.

  1. Select family Category or Categories

  1. Select between Family name or Family Type name

  1. Select Families you want to rename. Tip: Click on Check/Uncheck All to select all families.
  2. Use various configurators such as “Prefix”, “Suffix” and “Remove Text” to refine your renaming of families.

  1. Click on Update to refresh Family Name Preview.
  2. Click on Run to perform renaming of families.

  1. When the tool has renamed selected families, following popup will appear to inform user for renaming status