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Batch create view



Otools View Creator is a tool that assists Revit users to batch creation of views. The tool is very easy to use and will create 100 views or more in a matter of seconds. The addin also enables Revit users to quickly and consistently modify views in their Autodesk® Revit® projects.

Batch create view

  1. Open the otools ribbon and click on View Creator

  1. Following user interface will appear.

  1. Use various configurators such as “Duplicate”, “With Detailing”, “As Dependant”, “Prefix”, Suffix” and Filter options to setup creation of views

Filter options enables users to filter certain View types, eg. Floorplans, 3D views, Sections ect.

View Name Filter, enables users to filter any view naming.

Select view template (option and is not required)

Type number of copies wanted, click on update and you’ll see view names you are about to create

  1. Click on OK to create configured views