Project Description

Work with Optimizer Tools and accelerate your workflow


OTOOLS Suite 2020

Optimizer Tools Suite 2020 contains a collection of 20 addins to Autodesk Revit 2020.
Optimize your current BIM setup using our amazing series of tools. Work smarter not harder! Organize BIM data using rule-based configurations, link BIM data with spreadsheets, supercharge creation of data, improve BIM communication and coordination.


Supercharge your BIM setup using following tools:
Auto Insulation, Auto Revision, Breadcrumbs, Clash Magic, Classification, Color Manager, Combine, CoTab, Export to Excel, Import from Excel, Location, Protect, Rename, Renumber, Revit BI, Schedule Link, Sheet Duplicator, View Creator, Word Link*, Workset Manager.

* Word Link addin export and importer of BIM data for Autodesk Revit. Buy Word Link addin to Microsoft Word to utilize this feature. Word Link addin in Revit is free of charge.